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Equipment and Services
In this website we have described equipment available for the right-handed player and this website refers by default to the right-handed player.
There is nothing discriminatory about this, it is simply that the majority of players are right-handed. Left-handed players are fully catered for and matched sets are available for them. One small point concerning the glove—a left-handed player will need a glove for his or her right hand.
Golf is a game to be enjoyed by both men and women and in recent years there has been a tremendous upsurge in the growth of women's golf.
All major golf club manufacturers produce sets of clubs designed for women and there is also a comprehensive range of clothing available to help women look attractive and feminine on the course.

If you are starting golf then the initial outlay is quite high, but your clubs will last several years and the pleasure you will derive from the game will far outweigh the cost.
Your local golf club professional will have all this equipment in stock and a visit to his shop is absolutely necessary in order to obtain the correct advice on exactly what you should purchase.


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