Play Golf in Wales  - Finance Available

Insurance, Business and Finance
A game of golf is an important sales tool. It helps build business relationship, seal a deal, but it can also lose you a coveted contract or job. Why do we do it? Simple - sports reveals character. Executives can wisely use their time on the green to their advantage to gain intimate knowledge of their business associates, potential business partners or employees.
Whether you are seeking to simply insure your clubs, or are looking for medical health insurance, life assurance, of professional indemnity insurance, you can discuss the details of the policy over 18 holes. It is typically where all the best business is done.
We believe that it is because the pace of the conversation fluctuates between being animated to being reflective due to the nature of the game that helps to make good deals. Maybe it is just a shared personality trait of fellow golfers that they are honest and honourable. Whatever it is Business on the Green has become more than a tradition – it is where deals and struck and jobs are won. . . or lost.



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