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This site aims to give some very basic instruction, suggestions and advice about the game of golf. It has been suggested that launching a projectile into the air represents man's deep-seated desire to fly and if one looks back through the history books, there seems to be ample evidence of this.
It has also been suggested that launching a website represents a man’s desire to write. This may have been the aim at the beginning, but it quickly loses its appeal as the sun peaks out from the clouds and the fairway beckons.

Though one of our all time favourite clubs and courses, this site is not affiliated to the Anglesey Golf Club, which is as beautiful as ever. It is a flat but challenging par 70 links course, accessible to golfers of all standards. Due to the exceptionally sandy soils which drain so well that there is no need for winter greens, the course is playable all year round. This gives good value to members and visitors, and with a lovely welcoming clubhouse, it is always a pleasure to play there.

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Contact Details are:
Telephone: 01407 810219
Course pro: Matthew Parry 01407 811202
Fax: 01407 811127

The Anglesey Golf Club,
Station Road, Rhosneigr, Anglesey,  LL64 5QX

About this site

While we cannot assume that the English archers at Agincourt were, in fact, frustrated golfers who had not discovered the golf ball, there is a great deal in common between archery and golf. Both require the launching of a projectile at a target many yards away, both are conducted in the open and are thus subject to the vagaries of the weather, both use implements constructed from wood and steel and both require a certain amount of co-ordination if a shot is to be launched successfully.
There are many theories concerning the origins of golf, but finding the definitive one is like trying to discover who invented the wheel.

One school of thought may favour the rustic pastime of the Romans, called paganica: another may favour the Belgian game chole while a third may support kolfspel from Holland. All of these games differed in some way from golf, but they all featured that overpowering desire to swing a stick and hit something into the air with it.

We at ‘How to Play Golf’ still belong to the archery school of thought particularly as there is documented evidence to the effect that, in the late 15th century, at least three edicts were issued calling for the banning of golf in favour of archery practice.

Since these directives emanated from the parliaments of the Scottish kings it is easy to see why the game is generally believed to have started in Scotland and when James VI of Scotland became James I of England, golf's conquest of the world began.__________________________________________________

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