To compete at AGC a participant must:

  1. Be a fully paid up member of the Anglesey Golf Club, or have a payment plan in place by May 31st of the current year. NOTE: This rule WILL be enforced and breach will result in barring of entry or disqualification.
  2. Have a current C.O.N.G.U. Competitive Handicap.
  3. Abide by the rules laid down by the Royal & Ancient Rules of Golf, and the Unified
  4. Handicapping System (C.O.N.G.U. ) and any Local Rule specific to The Anglesey Golf Club.
  5. Make scorecards out and must have their full name legible for marking purposes.
  6. Return ALL competition cards, including no returns, spoiled or incomplete cards.
  7. Input their scores into the Player Score Input (P.S.I.) when this is available. (If for any reason
  8. this is not available then please inform the Pro.)
  9. Arrive on the first tee in plenty of time, avoiding any undue delay.

Further points to be aware of:

  1. The draw request sheet will be posted up to a week prior to the competition. The draw for Saturday competitions will be made at 10am on the Thursday prior to the competition and the draw for Sunday will be made at 10am on the Friday prior to the competition.
  2. Late entries will be allowed under special circumstances. However they will NOT be eligible to win the prize, but are open to handicap adjustment.
  3. Juniors will be allowed to play when they have a viable CONGU competition handicap and are accompanied by an adult.
  4. Country Members are eligible to enter all competitions, which are thus open to handicap adjustment but they cannot win any Board Competitions.
  5. All Major Competitions will be played from the White Tees, unless otherwise specified.
  6. All singles Competitions must be played in two or three balls unless authorised by a handicap
    committee member.
  7. All weekend Pro’s Comps will be Qualifiers whether from the White or Yellow Tees. The
    midweek Pro’s Comps will be Non-Qualifiers, but may be used as evidence when considering general play and the annual handicap review.

The Anglesey Golf Club wants to encourage everyone to play golf and we warmly welcome new members.

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